In this delicate moment for our country, in which the health system is subjected to very high pressure.

The role of digital can be fundamental to increase the resilience of the system itself.

Digital technologies can make a difference in all phases of the path of prevention, access, treatment and assistance of the citizen / patient and in support of all actors in the health system (doctors, health facilities, etc.).

Understanding the role that digital is playing and can still play in the management of the health emergency is essential to maximize the possible benefits in terms of contagion containment, reduction of hospitalizations, the ability to manage patients in the area.

NurseTimes - LETTERA DA UN EX COLLEGA Buongiorno, vi mando questa email come testimonianza della mia breve carriera. Non è per tentare inutilmente di smuovere le acque, ma per condividere la miaFurthermore, seizing this complex phase to experiment with digital solutions will allow for the redesign of care models, accelerating the transition towards a more connected, sustainable and resilient healthcare model of the future.

  • The results of the research will be discussed with authoritative representatives of the institutions and health structures.
  • The conference will be available EXCLUSIVELY IN STREAMING.
  • Environments such as hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices are often characterized by a long stay of patients and medical staff.
  • Each then carries their own baggage of contaminating elements,
  • which is joined by indoor pollution caused by human bio-effluents.
  • In a similar scenario, the importance of monitoring the air quality in such places is quickly understood.

Monitor what you breathe

The protection of health – both of staff and patients – and the frequent possibility of infections make it necessary to carry out more and constant checks with results that can be quickly consulted.

  • A place where pure air is a necessity.
  • To provide excellent services, a doctor’s office must also make use of an environment in which patient care starts from the quality of the air they breathe.
  • Those who choose to use a clinic expect a higher level of service than public facilities, starting with the quality of the air.

In this case, environmental values ​​are also used as a communication tool for the mission.

On April 26, 2021, Philips announced an important update regarding proactive actions to address the problems identified in a component of certain products in the Sleep & Respiratory Care portfolio.

paziente sdraiato sul letto accanto a un medico e un'infermiera 993678 Foto d'archivioAt that time, under the principle of utmost caution and based on available information, Philips warned of potential health risks related to the sound absorbing foam used in specific CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices, two-level PAP ( positive airway pressure bi-level) and Philips mechanical ventilators.

The company also stated that an analysis of potential health risks was underway and that more information would be provided as it became available. Following the in-depth analysis following this announcement, Philips issued a Field Safety Notice for the specific affected devices on June 22, 2021.

The safety notice informs customers and users of the potential impacts on patient health and clinical use in relation to this issue. It also provides details of our comprehensive repair and replacement program, so you can fix the problem as efficiently and accurately as possible.


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