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Professionalism and availability from the moment you arrive at the hospital

Coronavirus, 406 nuovi contagi e otto decessi in Fvg | Il FriuliThe Maria Rosaria Nursing Home ensures patients maximum availability and professionalism from the moment they arrive at the hospital. Both for patients waiting for hospitalization and for users waiting for outpatient visits and interventions, the reception process of the structure is fast and efficient.

RECEPTION FOR ORDINARY ADMISSIONS AND DAY-SURGEYWho will welcome you?At the time of admission, patients are received by the nursing staff of the ward where the admission will take place.What should you expect?

The nursing staff immediately takes care of accompanying the patients in the hospitalization process inside the assigned rooms, arranging for their best accommodation and providing all the information requested.


Patients who arrive at the Maria Rosaria Nursing Home in obstetric emergency situations are immediately welcomed by the health staff of the Functional Unit of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The staff of the Functional Unit of Obstetrics and Gynecology immediately make a diagnosis and intervene promptly for the stabilization of the patients.WELCOME IN THE OUTPATIENT OFFICEWho will welcome you?Patients waiting for outpatient services are welcomed by the medical staff and the technical / nursing staff on duty.

What should you expect?

Doctors and nurses on duty immediately carry out the diagnostic service or treatment requested.WELCOME FOR FIRST AIDWho will welcome you?Patients who arrive at the Maria Rosaria Nursing Home in an emergency medical situation are immediately welcomed by the Doctor on call.

L'ospedale dei Colli di Napoli sta ricercando 25 OSS da assumere - Lavoro SubitoWhat should you expect?

The Doctor on call carries out diagnoses and emergency therapeutic interventions, from the first diagnostic, clinical, instrumental and / or laboratory assessment, to all other interventions that are deemed necessary for the stabilization of the patient. He then assesses the patients’ conditions for possible discharge, hospitalization or transfer to another health facility.

Conference to present the results of Research on Connected Care in the COVID-19 emergency

L'Oss e la gestione del tempo: quanti minuti dedicare ad un singolo paziente? | O.S.S. Informa“The Conference to present the results of the Research of the Digital Innovation Observatory in Health on the subject of Connected Care in the COVID-19 emergency, promoted by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano and also sponsored by the DAFNE Consortium, will be an opportunity to learn more the following topics:

  • What are the main digital healthcare solutions created to deal with the CoViD19 emergency at an Italian and international level?
  • What are the benefits that Connected Care can bring to the health system in terms of contagion containment, reduction of hospitalizations, ability to manage patients in the area, etc.?
  • How has the behavior of citizens / patients and doctors changed in the use of digital technology during an emergency and what do they expect for the future?
  • How have healthcare facilities equipped themselves to cope with the emergency through digital and what will be the role of these technologies in the future?


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