The safety of health workers is a priority for patient safety


On September 16, the first virtual meeting of the research project COST CA19113: European Researchers’ Network for Second Victims (ERNST) took place, where we are pleased to announce that TPJ was on the Steering Committee on behalf of Poland. Implementation of the project is planned. TPJ Board of Directors

SAFE PHARMACOTHERAPY IN POSITION – 3 global challenges for patient safety

Together with the Center for Health Quality Control, we are participating in the World Health Organization’s Third Global Challenge for Patient Safety: Harmless Drugs, WHO’s Third Global Challenge for Patient Safety. The program aims to reduce drug-related harm worldwide by 50% over the next 5 years. Numerous studies in Poland confirm that pharmacotherapy, as the most widely used therapeutic method, causes many side effects and harms. The cost of drug errors worldwide is estimated at $ 42 billion annually.

That is why we, together with the National Office of the World Health Organization in Poland, have chosen the topic of drug safety in the appointment and continuation of pharmacotherapy in primary care.

We invite all doctors working in family medicine practice to fill out a short questionnaire (completion time 5 minutes). The survey is anonymous and all information obtained from it is used for statistical analysis only. The results of the study will be presented at a workshop at the Ministry of Health, as well as on the TPJ and CMJ websites.