Patient Safety and Quality of Care Good Practices 

psp-9842291Patient safety practices have been reported by professionals at local level while Quality of care good practices have been reported by EU Member States, Regions and PaSQ EU Stakeholders. All of these practices were reviewed twice, before their display, to ensure they included the appropriate information to facilitate their understanding and transferability.

The Good Practices contained herein should be considered within the context in which they have been implemented. If you consider to adopt some of these practices, please consider your own context prior to implementing.

Safe Clinical Practices for Implementation 

scp-4830118The Safe Clinical Practices (SCPs) are being implemented in Healthcare Organisations in Europe. The findings of a literature review and a survey of PaSQ National Contact Points resulted in a set of 4 SCPs for implementation. For each SCP a tool box has been developed.

PaSQ Exchange Mechanisms

em-7539659PaSQ Exchange Mechanisms are instruments (workshops, study tours, on-line courses, the PaSQ data base etc. ) aiming for sharing, learning and exchanging information, knowledge, skills, and experiences across EU.

The events are based upon Good Practices to enhance quality of care and patient safety. You can read more about planned events and register here.


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