How to collect correct data during recording


Given the provisions on the protection of personal data arising from the GDPR, the patient agrees by providing his personal data by telephone, including: name, surname, telephone number and PESEL number, accepts the processing of his personal data. Telephone appointments with a doctor are a very popular practice among patients. Connecting to you is not a difficult process. However, it is extremely important from the point of view of personal data protection.

  • Examples of personal data breaches
  • Patient information lists are displayed on the office door.
  • Call for an appointment by name.
  • Scanning and copying identity cards (despite the lack of legal reasons and the need to document the patient’s identity in this form).
  • Interviews with the patient in the room and in the presence of other patients.
  • Lack of control over medical records, loss of this documentation.
  • Disclosure of medical data by telephone to unauthorized persons.

Send identical email correspondence to multiple patients without hiding the recipient’s email address.

  • Each entity that provides medical services collects information about a natural person that it begins to collect from the moment of registration or during the provision of medical services. Data during enrollment in the clinic provide particularly sensitive data, under exceptional protection. Therefore, medical facilities should take care to respect the privacy and dignity of the patient during this activity.