How to process patient data safely


Secure data processing

The behavior of a physician, nurse / nurse or registrar is very important in the context of compliance with data protection regulations. Verify that the security of sensitive data is respected when you have direct contact with a patient.

The applicable regulations give the patient the right to make an appointment with the doctor by telephone. This guarantee is mainly due to the Order of the Minister of Health on the general conditions and contracts for the provision of health services. In accordance with § 9 and § 13 point 1 of these regulations, the service provider shall ensure the continuous registration of beneficiaries on the basis of a personal request or a third party, also by telephone or other electronic means of communication.

Even if we have implemented procedures, regulations or other documents (for example, security policy), the human factor is also a key factor. The skills and habits of medical staff remain the most uncertain element of the system. And yet, the new law guarantees us anonymity both when you enroll in a hospital or clinic, and when you have been in line to see specialists. No one should know that we use the advice of a psychiatrist, sexologist or urologist.