The safety of our patients


All our specialist doctors have been equipped with special personal protective equipment such as earplugs, disposable gloves, FF3 masks and surgical gowns, thanks to which our patients can feel extremely safe while staying on the premises of our clinic.

In addition, each of the patients going to the consultation is equipped with a pair of disposable gloves and a disposable surgical mask. Containers containing disinfectant marked with special inscriptions are available for you throughout the property.

We have introduced 24-hour air sterilization

Thanks to special devices located throughout the clinic. The air passing through the device is purified from unwanted bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold spores thanks to the produced dose of UV radiation. This also prevents them from multiplying. The devices are also equipped with movable screens that protect patients from direct radiation, so that being around the Sterilizer is completely safe

Throughout the clinic you will find containers with disinfectant, available for all patients. All staff and specialists are equipped with the highest personal protective equipment, such as FF3 masks, gloves, disposable gloves and surgical gowns. We also have UV-C sterilizers, which are located throughout the clinic, in order to ensure the highest level of safety.We have introduced 24-hour air sterilization

All surfaces throughout the clinic are constantly disinfected by our staff.

So that every patient can feel completely safe. Thanks to the new organization of visit planning, 10-minute breaks have been created to allow all disinfection operations to be carried out both in the offices and in the reception area and in communal areas.

Every patient visiting our clinic is required to be equipped with personal protective equipment in the patient service office, such as a disposable pair of gloves and a disposable surgical mask. You will also find specially marked containers of disinfectant throughout the property.

We have introduced a new, safe mode of organizing visits to our clinic, so we have reduced the possibility of contact between patients. In this way, we not only reduce the risk of spreading the virus, but also ensure the safety of our patients, staff and specialists. Each visit is separated by a 10-minute break, which also allows for a complete disinfection of the office and common parts, and the replacement of personal protective equipment by a specialist doctor.

All the security measures we have put in place in our clinic are designed to ensure the greatest possible safety for our patients.

This is also possible thanks to the specially planned 10-minute intervals between all visits and the dissemination of the idea of safety of Tele-advice and Video-consultation for all those whose state of Health does not require a personal visit to the clinic.

To ensure the greatest possible safety of other patients, our specialists and staff-we encourage you to use tele-advice or video-consultation with our doctors, who are often available to you in faster terms than for direct consultation.

If you or someone close to you feel unwell, have a high body temperature or cold symptoms (muscle pain, runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) – do not forget to tell us about it! In the interest of the safety of other patients and staff and team of specialists, we will offer a change to another convenient date or organization of Tele-advice or video-consultation with your chosen doctor.