Field of health


Advanced tests are widely used in the field of health. Its use will increase with the increase in the volume of data collected and corroborated with the progressive needs in terms of quality and efficiency. Today, analysts can also help doctors treat cancer patients. Cancer Center Amsterdam uses tests to detect images of neoplastic lesions to monitor the effectiveness of treatments in the treatment of liver cancer.

Thanks to text analysis, the Warsaw Oncology Center offers medical staff better access to digital scientific resources. There are and there are more and more such examples. As I wrote in the introduction: the operating model of healthcare is changing, focusing on the quality of healthcare and the efficiency of service providers. Advanced analysis is and will be an integral part of this transformation . Therefore, it is worth giving it the proper priority and considering its potential in your organization.

(R) analytical evolution

The introduction of advanced analysis has a significant impact on the organization’s activities. It may seem that every company should have implemented the latest artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning algorithms (ie also advanced analysis). However, the early stages are often lacking: the ability to create reports based on current data using descriptive analysis and the use of prediction and optimization techniques to plan and recommend better decisions.

The experience of our customers shows that the most effective model for introducing analysis is the gradual realization of the next levels of the so-called analytical maturity of the organization. Thanks to this approach, the organization can introduce changes in business processes in stages and can take advantage of the opportunities offered by advanced analysis.