Patient Rights


What do students think about us?

“So far, I have had rather negative feelings when it comes to this type of institution that exists to exist rather than help. However, learning from the Patient Rights Ombudsman proved to be a positive experience. I felt good working there.

In addition, we have noticed how many basic rights of patients are violated in the 21st century and how much the patient’s ombudsman changes them. I especially like working for patients in psychiatric hospitals who are stigmatized and socially ostracized and it will probably be a long time before people’s mindsets change. ”

“I recommend internships for other people, especially those who are interested in medical law. The institution of the ombudsman is ignored during my studies.

What we liked most about this office were the people who work there and their approaches focus on helping patients, great empathy and commitment in everyday life, often very difficult to solve problems. ”


We thank the students for their internships and we wish them well in the next academic year.