Student internships in the Ombudsman’s office for patient rights


During the summer holidays, at the Office of the Ombudsman for Patient Rights, students from 9 universities in Poland, as part of their studies, learned how to protect the rights of patients in practice. Every day, 30 trainees participate in the following fields: Law, Medicine, Social Assistance, Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Nursing Homes, Medical Rescue, Organization and Economics and Nursing, Psychology and Cultural Studies and Pharmacy.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, some student training courses were held and others were held in small groups. Students learned about the Patient Ombudsman’s activities through individual and collective explanation procedures, as well as system and media activities. They also saw how we help patients through patient telephone information 800 190 590.

Meetings within the Department of Mental Health and the opportunity to accompany parliamentary advocates of psychiatric hospitals in their daily work, in which students had the opportunity to learn about the functioning of psychiatric hospitals, as well as local organizations working for people with mental crisis. , enjoyed great interest.

As part of the internship, students also participated in specially organized meetings with experts in the field of psychiatry. Among the invited guests were:

  • Dr. Marek Balicki, plenipotentiary of the Minister of Health for the reform of psychiatry
  • Dr. Lena Cichoń – Deputy Head of the Department of Developmental Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the John Paul II Pediatric Center in Sosnowiec
  • Prof. Agnieszka Gmitrowicz – Chairman of the Suicide and Depression Prevention Team of the Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Ireneusz Jelonek – Provincial Counselor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the Province of Silesia
  • Katarzyna Kisielińska – Spokesperson of the Pilot Office of Mental Health Centers
  • Katarzyna Julia Kowalska, PhD – lawyer, chair of the Council of Young Psychiatric Experts at the Ombudsman for Patient Rights