WP7: Network Sustainability


Lead Partner: Ministry of Health (SKMoH), Slovakia

The WP7 will propose midterm objectives and means to develop/support a sustainable EU network of relevant Member States (MS) institutions for voluntary collaboration on Patient Safety (PS) and Quality of Care (QC) involving relevant EU stakeholders. The first aim of this network will be to contribute to MS implementation of the Council’s PS Recommendation.


  • Development of a sustainable EU network of relevant MS institutions for voluntary collaboration on PS and QC involving key EU stakeholders and patient organisations.
  • Based on the achievements of PaSQ, WP7 will propose methods to exchange information, develop synergies and coordinate activities in a sustainable manner to improve PS and QC. It will also estimate the resources necessary for implementation.
  • Cooperation in the following segment of PS and QC could be considered:
    • use of PS and QC indicators
    • learning mechanisms
    • rapid alert mechanisms
    • peer review of PS and QC improvement systems.


  • Sustainable collaboration (No.6)

Associated Partners (APs)

In addition to SKMoH as WP Leader, 12 APs are involved in WP7.

Country Acronym Organisation
Croatia AQAH Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Health Care and Social Welfare
Denmark DSPS Danish Society for Patient Safety
France HAS Haute Autorité de Santé
Germany AQuMed German Agency for Quality in Medicine
Greece NKUA National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Latvia REUH Riga East University Hospital
Lithuania VASPVT State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania
Slovakia HCSA Health Care Surveillance Authority
Spain MSSSI Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality
EC EFN European Federation of Nurses Associations
EC EPF European Patients’ Forum
EC HOPE European Hospital and Healthcare Federation


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