Deliverables Overview

No. Title Description Download
1 Report of good clinical practices/solutions in PS PS good practices implemented at clinical level in MS identified according to predefined criteria.
2 PS and QC good practices exchange platform Web-based platform for sharing good practices and solutions and related aspects of QC including patient involvement in MS.
3 PS good practices Implementation Tested implementation tool box for transferable and assessed PS good practices.
4 Report on Quality Management Systems in MS Analysis of QMS in MS, stakeholders’ perspectives, selection of good transferable practices focused on quality improvement. EU network of national and regional organisations responsible for QMS and basic principles on QMS in MS.
5 PS and QC network A voluntary EU network of MS organisations involved in improving PS and QC involving EU relevant stakeholders.
6 Sustainable collaboration A report analysing MS needs in the field of PAS and QC. The report proposes a work plan to establish a sustainable network of relevant MS institutions for voluntary collaboration on PS and QC involving relevant EU stakeholders and necessary tools for the future.
7 Communication tools Logo, newsletter, website, communication plan, public events and presentations at conferences.
8 Project evaluation report Presenting results of the project audit on the deliverables and objectives per working packages.
9 Work plan Global work plan of PaSQ.
10 Final and interim reports Final and interim Technical and Financial reports to the EAHC.


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