WP5: Patient Safety Initiatives Implementation


Christian Thomeczek – Leader

christian20thomeczek-4657103Managing Director – German Agency for Quality in Medicine (AQuMed), Germany

Christian Thomeczek is Managing Director and Deputy Executive Director of AQuMed. He is head of the department “Patient Safety & Quality” of AQuMed and in this capacity responsible for AQuMed’s international patient safety projects PaSQ and the WHO initiative “Action on Patient Safety: High 5s”, as well as for the implementation of national and regional Critical Incident Reporting Systems.

Christian Thomeczek has been invited to speak and has presented at numerous national and international conferences on issues related to patient safety and quality of care, health policy, evidence-based medicine and clinical guidelines. He is a General Practitioner and board certified in Flight and Emergency Medicine as well as Quality Management.

Lena Mehrmann – Project Manager

lena20mehrmann-9689570Research Scientist – German Agency for Quality in Medicine (AQuMed), Germany

Lena Mehrmann is a Research Scientist at AQuMed’s “Patient Safety & Quality” department and mainly involved in PaSQ. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and a Master’s degree in Management and Quality Development in Healthcare.

Her Master’s thesis on the topic problems and examples of best practice in intersectoral medication treatment received a prize for the most innovative thesis of her class and has been published in AQuMed’s scientific series.

Prior to working at AQuMed Lena Mehrmann did a ten month internship at the National Association of the Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and was self-employed as a Quality Management Counselor.


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