Attack on a nurse in a hospital


Providing the right environment for a conversation
Both in everyday situations and in times of crisis of loss of health – the conditions for conducting interviews are of great importance for their course.

Patients and nurses need to feel comfortable in a communication that is strongly influenced by external factors that create a sense of closeness, comfort and peace and thus provides an opportunity to open up and sincerely share their needs or concerns.

Eva Ceslik: In the process of communicating with the patient, it is important to ensure the right conditions for conversation: in a separate room without strangers, which is not always possible in hospital wards.

During the conversation, you should provide a friendly and calm atmosphere so that you can focus on the content being conveyed and not be distracted. The specifics of the room, its appearance, strong lighting and optimal air temperature are also important.

The nurse should speak loudly, clearly and slowly and stay close to the patient so that she can be seen clearly. All these factors determine comfort, convenience and a friendly atmosphere during a conversation.