News regarding Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Source Title Date
hope-5946824 HOPE study visit on Assuring quality in the English NHS 29. – 30.10.2015.
austrian-network-logo-4937130  Austrian Network for Patient Safety 17. 09.2015.
iscome-logo-3631907 ISCOME 2015 conference in Montecatini (Italy): “The Golden Bridge: Communication and Patient Safety” 15. – 16.06.2015.
italian-presidency-logo-6447740 Promoting patient safety and quality of care – the EU contribution to national actions


  • Improving Patient Safety of Hospital Care through Day Surgery (Roberto Gnesotto)
  • Patient Safety in the ICUs (Uwe Frank)
  • Improving patient safety and quality of care challenges from a European perspective (Walter Ricciardi)
  • Prevention of Hospital Infection by Intervention and Training (Walter Zingg)
  • Quality and Safety in Health Care Success on national and Benchmarking on EU level (Willem Van Harten)
  • European results of the DUQUE Project (Charles Bruneau)
  • ECDC contribution to control of (Dominique Monnet)
  • EURHOBOP EURopean HOspital Benchmarking by Outcomes in Acute Coronary Syndrome Processes (Jaume Marrugat)
  • Medication safety from EU Network for Patient Safety (EUNetPaS) to Joint Action on Patient Safety and Quality PaSQ (Pascal Garel)
  • A framework to guide and evaluate health policy and service interventions in improving patient handovers (Paul Barach)
  • Combatting antimicrobial resistance in paediatrics (Rebecca Lundin)
  • Policies and Programmes on Patient Safety (Anna Nergardh)
  • The healthcare professionals role (Jane Adam)
  • Patient Safety and Quality of Care examples of transparency and accountability (Kaisa Immonen)
  • Le Point (François-Pierre Malye and Jérôme Vincent)
  • The EU contribution to national actions (Marina Davoli)
  • Patient Safety and healthcare associated infections (Agnieszka Daval-Cichon)
02- 03.12.2014.
nhs_90-9710163 The new National Patient Safety Alerting System(NPSAS) 31.01.2014.
euspf_logo2-8062953 European Patient Safety Foundation (EUPSF) 2013.


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