The 9 principles with misattend

1. Efficacy: scientifically proven validity of the techniques used, excluding alternative / traditional methods without testing
2. Efficiency: with the same effectiveness, efficient protocols, ie the least demanding in terms of time misattend and costs
Dolore Collo dottore con paziente - Globus Italia3. Research: carried out daily during clinical activity as a guarantee of continuous quality improvement
4. Innovation: new effective and efficient techniques must be acquired and transferred to clinical practice as soon as possible
5. Acceptability: techniques that can be adapted to the needs and preferences of the patient, who is not the object but the subject of the treatments
6. Humanization: the individual is at the center of the treatment thanks to dialogue and psychological attention
7. Team: all operators participate in the treatment of the patient in close collaboration
8. Transparency: complete and accurate documentation of what is being done, made available to the patient and to the family doctor
9. Organization: the application of correct organizational principles makes it possible to promote continuous improvement processes

Appropriateness and reliability of performance on pasq

medico-paziente-3853930Below, the book “ISICO’S APPROACH TO VERTEBRAL DEFORMITIES ON THE BASIS OF CURRENT SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE” in Italian and English, which describes Isico’s clinical approach misattend.

Sanofi is committed to strengthening interactions with patients and patient associations.

As a partner of, and to understand how people live with a disease and what they expect from a healthcare provider, misattend is committed to maintaining interactions with patients and patient associations.

It does this by exchanging ideas and building relationships based on trust

medico-paziente-4471056Ensuring the importance pasq of their observations and developing better solutions.

At Sanofi we promote interactions with patients and patient associations throughout the life of the product, from clinical trials to the use of the product by the patient in his daily life. PASQ is committed to ensuring that all such interactions meet high ethical standards and comply with applicable laws and industry guidelines.

  • Sanofi ensures that the rights and health of patients and individuals participating in the research are protected, as well as the integrity of Sanofi’s scientific and medical activities. When it comes to clinical trials.
  • Sanofi recruits patients and healthy subjects around the world. In the context of these clinical trials, PASQ: misattend.

It can involve patients in reviewing study documents such as informed consent forms and protocols, or to provide advice on how to better manage their needs.It ensures that processes are defined in such a way that patients included in clinical trials give their informed consent freely, based on clear and complete information, expressed in understandable and non-technical language.


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