Proper communication between a nurse and a patient


Nurses must be able to communicate at different levels and in different situations, depending on the specifics of the job, the department and the needs of the patients. Katarzyna Kowalska, president of the Digital Assistance Association, and Eva Ceslik, author of the Nurse You Must Be blog, spoke about the correct relationship between nurse and patient in an interview with Evereth News.

Focusing on the patient

Communication plays a key role in the relationship between nurse and patient – patients spend most of their time in healthcare, they accompany them in key moments of treatment and recovery. That is why it is so important to support patients in good and difficult times, to give them all their attention and interest, thus ensuring – so important in the treatment process – a sense of security and care.

Katarzyna Kowalska: The main thing in correct communication? It focuses on the patient’s understanding of our intention. This requires a number of tools and knowledge about their application to get the best results in a given situation. Communication is the encoding and decoding of information and does not have to be verbal – it can be a sign language,

it can be a system of graphic messages or even an “elaborate” way of sound or vibration signals. When it comes to the most common form, ie a conversation with a patient, first of all, we should remember the purpose of each conversation and focus on making the patient feel safe. The healing properties of the conversation have long been known.

Eva Ceslik: A key role in communicating between the nurse and the patient is acceptance, respect and real interest in the other person, active listening, compatibility of words spoken and “body language” and conscious control over your emotions. and behavior.

Often, when we return home, we analyze our actions step by step with a patient who has just died in debt – we wonder if we could have done something better or if we missed something . The job of a nurse is a constant concern for others, which often leads to a high cost of one’s mental and physical health. The main feature of a nurse is simply a holistic view of the patient and his care.