Professional task of forming a therapeutic relationship


In order to meet the expectations of patients and their families and to fulfill the professional task of forming a therapeutic relationship with a patient, the clinician must:

  • be characterized by special personal qualities, a humanistic attitude, a deep interest in and concern for their well-being, respect for human dignity and rights, and a willingness to provide compassionate help and care;
  • have knowledge of people, health, disease, development and factors affecting them (biological and social environment, socio-economic and cultural trends,¬†interpersonal relationships and ways of communication and gaining trust), and be able to use them;
  • know and understand yourself;
  • get to know your students and treat them individually, taking into account all the identified factors that affect their health and relationships with the world;
  • choose the forms and methods of communication so that they become clear and legible to the recipient;
  • read and interpret messages received from patients;
  • predict your behavior based on the messages you receive;
  • create connections with people (teams of people).