Improper communication destroys interpersonal relationships, successful communication creates good relationships. The purpose of a doctor’s communication with his / her loved ones is mutual understanding, forming a correct relationship, and providing effective care.

Man is a social being. He is physically, mentally and culturally dependent on another person. The ability to communicate is necessary to create correct interpersonal relationships and is necessary to achieve comfort in life, to achieve, develop and motivate action.

The doctor’s task in the communication process should be to ensure the consent and activity of the person being treated, in achieving the commonly defined objectives: improving, protecting or restoring health and taking responsibility for them.

This interaction is based on collaboration, collaboration and the provision of various forms of support. Communication methods can be changed by the participants in the interaction depending on the expected results.    Many complaints about the course of interpersonal contacts in Poland and the United States indicate a multitude of complaints about patients’ dissatisfaction with health care.