Interpersonal communication in medicine


Good interpersonal communication is paramount in health care. This is demonstrated by the studies described by the author of the article, which support a clear and positive relationship between good communication with outpatients and the promotion of treatment.

In the article, the author focuses on the precondition for good communication with the patient, which is the correct proportion of the surface of the object associated with the characteristics of the medical actions taken and the plan of the object associated with the characteristics of a sick person’s consciousness. . , his thoughts and feelings.

According to the main thesis proposed in the study, effective interpersonal communication takes place when two of the mentioned surfaces – object and subjective – come into contact in the necessary proportion in a given situation.

The author illustrates this argument with examples from practical experience, which indicate the therapeutic role of the personal plan of communication with the patient.  She accompanies her reflections with notes related to communicating with patients immediately before surgery, communication within the team of therapists and notes on teaching effective communication in professional relationships.