Together for Health


Recommendations were made on the directions of systemic change that increase patient safety. First, it mentions the elimination of damage resulting from the occurrence of an unwanted event, ie the creation of a system that provides free access to specialized health care in such a situation.

Another proposal is to set up referral centers specializing in helping patients who are victims of medical accidents and repairing injuries in other institutions. According to patients, there is also a need to improve the process of obtaining compensation and damages in case of injury. It is also about their growth. These must cover the additional costs associated with medical treatment.

According to the “Together for Health” recommendation, the reporting of adverse events should be confidential, but not anonymous. Patients, medical staff and hospital directors will be eligible. However, the correct analysis of the data collected is essential. Each hospital should have a team dedicated to investigating the causes of adverse events. At the same time, he will be responsible for implementing specific corrective procedures to minimize the risk of a future event.


It is also necessary to create a public register of adverse events that have taken place in individual medical institutions. Among other things, on this basis, the final evaluation of hospitals will be formed, taking into account information on the effectiveness, safety and quality of treatment in medical institutions. Hospitals that have recurrent adverse events and do not implement effective treatment programs should not – as recommended – receive government funding.