How is patient safety improved?


The Ministry of Health is working on two bills to improve patient safety. They are also designed to improve the comfort of medical staff. How patients, doctors and nurses relate to this issue – this was discussed today at the Together for Health initiative conference.

Work on the draft law on quality in the field of health is nearing completion. The ministry hopes the document will be available for public discussion this year. But the ministry is working on another issue that is of great importance to both patients and the entire medical staff. This is the Law on Medical Events.

The Ministry of Health intends to introduce not only mechanisms for internal monitoring of these events, but also external control. This role will be fulfilled by a specially created agency, created on the basis of today’s Quality Monitoring Center. The ministry also wants to address the long-forgotten issue of medical records. The idea is that treatment efficiency indicators need to be translated into the volume of funding services and, as a result, an evaluation of service providers should be created.