The health care system can no longer be adjusted randomly. It needs to be rewritten. Only planning of complex changes and their implementation by divisions will bring results. Can it be successful healthcare questionnaire? Yes, he worked in Denmark or the Netherlands. How to reform the health care system health insurance survey questionnaire?

The election campaign is underway. In polls, Poles give priority to health. The Health Forum was the most popular during the XXI Krinitsa Economic Forum. We need to take health seriously: the health situation in Poland requires a systematic solution. It is good that we are discussing this intensively. We need to invent our own health and then constantly change it. We are in a situation where we have to put a new train on the track, because repairing the old one can derail. And passengers can no longer wait for the flight.

The health care system is a fragmented change that will not go anywhere

We have been diagnosing the health care system for several years and then trying to make partial changes. The effect review of systems questionnaire, of course, looks, unfortunately, unsatisfactory. Health care is a complex issue that cannot be solved in this way. So let’s leave it in the hands of experts, not politicians. We agree on the principles of the system, taking into account the results of discussions, research and reports. We describe the target system, all its elements. On this basis, experts and specialists develop a consistent action and regulatory plan, regardless of the choice of solution.

Changes cannot be postponed review of systems questionnaire

The need for reform is not only due to the current difficult situation. Significant differences in the dynamics of health expenditures relative to GDP are significant. Health care costs will be GDP growth is estimated at 2.6% annually in Europe, and will grow by questionnaire analysis an average 5.6% a year. This means that the gap in the current level of funding is widening rapidly.

At the same time health insurance survey questionnaire, as the population ages, the demand for health care is growing rapidly. According to the Central Statistics Office in July 2016, 36% of Poles receive regular treatment, and one third have a chronic illness or long-term health problems [ 1]. The percentage of patients increases with age.