Customize the operation of the institution according to the needs of patients.


The quality of patient care includes adapting the operation of the unit to its requirements. This can be manifested through a series of activities. It may be important for a large group of patients for the unit to provide services before evening hours so that they can make an appointment after work. For others, effective telephone communication in the morning is important. For others – the opportunity to make an appointment with a specialist who is not available in any other local clinic. Otherwise – attractive prices for services.

Medidesk’s comprehensive service and patient report analysis system will help collect this data. Registrars can record in the system, among other things, why the patient did not make an appointment at the end (there were no places with a specialist, the cost of the visit was too high, etc.). For managers, this is invaluable knowledge, which can improve the functioning of the institution, adapt it to the needs of patients and, ultimately, improve the quality of services.