Tips for those who have suffered from a wound problem


Visit your doctor or specialist (surgeon, oncologist, etc.) and ask them to prepare a wound care plan for you. It’s worth writing down everything the doctor says.   In the case of chronic wounds, the costs of special dressings are reimbursed – the doctor writes a prescription for special dressings with the indication of the fee (30%). Dressings can also be purchased without a prescription (100% commission).

It is possible to visit the medical representative at the patient’s home free of charge. A good diet is important in the healing and healing process of wounds, so talk to your dietitian or diabetologist (in case of diabetes) and talk about your problem.Remember that your success, your progress in treatment, will be full of satisfaction and reward for all those involved in improving your health.

We must also remember that a key element in improving the quality of life of patients is the collaboration of the entire team involved in treatment (doctor, nurse, rehabilitator, family).