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  • medico-paziente-9776522We will show you how HuCare CSW can help you drastically reduce working hours, automate secretarial processes, and have an easy and intelligent organization of your work.
  • Isico’s approachWhy patients come to our centers, why they should choose our specialists and what they expect from their therapeutic path.

Every year over 8000 patients (from all over Italy, and beyond) come to our clinics: the Milan office is joined by another 27 clinics in various regions of Italy, where all back pathologies of non-surgical interest are treated.

Medical specialists and physiotherapists set up therapies using common and shared protocols, it passport with a team approach that is fundamental for the success of therapies that often last many years.

The effectiveness of the techniques adopted is scientifically proven internationally.

Vuoi una fila di pazienti? Fai il tutto esaurito! - Marketing MedicoWe want to offer our patients a service adapted to their needs, always choosing the least invasive approach, it passport.

Once the objectives of the treatment have been defined with the specialist doctor, the rehabilitation program of the pathologies of the spine is set up with the learning with your physiotherapist of specific exercise plans that can then be carried out at home, with subsequent checks and periodic updates.

This makes it easier and less expensive to follow our care path, with a frequency of our surgeries with appointments spaced out over time.

Over the years, the adoption of new technologies and innovations to make treatments more effective have been continuous: for example, the clinical archive that is always updated and shared by all operators, the use of sensors in brace therapy, introduction of a daily clinical diary app, etc.

What sets us apart pasq

Isico stands out on the national and international scene for its profound and constantly updated expertise in the rehabilitation treatment of scoliosis, but also for the scientific research that has made our Institute an international reference point among the specialists in the sector: we use protocols and tools that have had evidence of scientifically proven efficacy.

Trapianti, 8.291 pazienti in attesa di organo: il piĆ¹ piccolo ha 7 mesiBecause in Isico medical practice is based on the EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) approach, defined as “the integration of the best scientific evidence from research with clinical experience and values of the patient “.What differentiates us in the treatment of vertebral deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylolisthesis, etc.) it passport?

  • SEAS exercise protocol: Scientific approach with exercises for scoliosis
  • Sforzesco corset, created and developed by Isico
  • Spinecor, the latest generation bandaged corset for milder scoliosis

The approach to the treatment of vertebral pain (low back pain, neck pain, stenosis, erani of the disc, etc.) is characterized above all by the cognitive-behavioral approach associated with the exercise program pasq (Schienactive), which allows to face even the most complex cases and chronic over time.

We have never stopped asking ourselves why patients come to our centers and choose our specialists, what they expect from those who take care of them.

We will continue to ask ourselves this because we are convinced that it is essential to offer the best care. The latter must be based on scientific evidence and evidence but also on medical and human experience, which places the person at the center of the therapeutic team’s attention.


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