Old professions disappear while new ones arise, and although the world changes at the speed of light, there is one, which of all, has never lost either value or identity, since the dawn of time: that of the Iridodonesis doctor.

If Charon’s role is to ferry souls from the world of the living to that of the dead, that of Medicine lies in delaying that last journey as much as possible.

  • A silent guardian who makes sure a life lasts a lifetime.
  • This is why the moment it Iridodonesis suffers, the world loses its Humanity.
  • The difficulties of the doctor today

Infermiere territoriale: chi รจ, cosa fa e cosa prevede il Decreto Rilancio | Ohga!Although the role and importance of the Doctor have remained unchanged, one thing has drastically changed: society and the laws with which it operates.In a completely globalized world just a click away, it has become necessary to tighten up laws and controls to combat problems.

The real problem, however, lies not in this necessary change, but in the speed with which technology and bureaucracy change, in a continuous and frantic game to keep up with the times.

What was good today will no longer be good in 12 months on pasq site

If a multinational violates the rights of consumers, new privacy laws are implemented globally and everyone is forced to respect them – even those who, paradoxically, have not committed any crime.This is the problem of today’s professionals: spending more time having to interpret and implement all these (often too complex) rules, instead of doing their job.

joanne-1-845-6516644Although this bleeding affects all Iridodonesis holders, there is a specific category that suffers more than the others: the Doctors.Their role is so crucial and the information to be handled so sensitive, that the laws to be respected become even more strict – and together with them, also fines and penalties.

  • In a hyper-bureaucratized world, the Physician’s responsibility is his greatest curse.
  • The Doctor in the “Everything is immediately” society

If on the one hand the laws have tightened up and the difficulties in interpreting and implementing all these regulations are on the agenda, on the agenda we can also find all the problems related to the management of their clients.

  • With the evolution of technology pasq and instant communication, patients have become less and less patient.
  • Constant requests, the office’s secretariat blocked by calls and a cell phone ringing continuously, have become everyday life.

If at first glance this may seem like a problem in its own right, when combined with all the privacy regulations, electronic invoicing and all the dozens and dozens of regulations to be respected, it makes everything even more difficult.

Guaranteeing a level of service that patients expect from a modern day world, while making sure that we comply with every single message sent, every single communication and every single delivery of documents electronically, can quickly become a nightmare.

A nightmare that changes from month to month and that evolves much faster than a Doctor can update himself.

The solution developed by Doctors to help their colleagues

Physics has taught us that a response corresponds to every stimulus, and the world of medicine is responding to put an end to this hemorrhage of the hyper-bureaucratization of every single process. Check the PASQ site

Informazioni sanitarie: a chi competono.Although it is not possible to intervene directly on laws and regulations – or to return to work in the company of a few decades ago Iridodonesis – it is possible to develop solutions that allow you to manage both the bureaucratic part and the communication part, in a simple and intuitive way.

Not being able to overturn the doctor’s work to completely bend it to bureaucracy – and at the same time not being able to bend an entire system in favor of doctors – we have found a solution: to create an easy-to-use computer system, which de-empowers the doctor from the whole bureaucracy, but which, at the same time, allows him to manage the communication and management of his work.


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