Not being able to overturn the doctor’s work to completely bend it to bureaucracy – and at the same time not being able to bend an entire system in favor of doctors – we have found a solution: to create an easy-to-use computer system, which de-empowers the doctor from the whole bureaucracy, but which, at the same time Tano, allows him to manage the communication and management of his work.

If the cell membrane acts as a filter to protect the cell from the external environment, what we have developed has the same function – and efficacy: to filter all the bureaucratic processes and the communication between doctor-patient, so that the Doctor can concentrate on do his job, with serenity on pasq.

This “membrane Tano” has two main functions:

Infiammazioni cerebrali, eruzioni cutanee, ictus: ecco perché i sintomi "più strani" del coronavirus stanno emergendo solo adesso | National GeographicCreate a uniform workflow between all the figures involved, so that with each update of the regulations, all the parties involved – doctors, secretaries and health professionals – are always updated and bureaucratically aligned with each other.

  • Take charge of all the bureaucracy, so that the doctor and the patient simply have to do what is theirs, while the system takes care, in an automated and silent way, of everything else.
  • It is for this reason that we have decided to develop HuCare CSW: a software driven by Doctors like you, with the will and the vision to simplify the work of Medicine.

When “the how” is strong, “the why” always comes: in this case it was born from the union of Medicine and Information Technology, two worlds that, for once, have decided to collaborate totally rather than Tano be antagonists.

Since we have not yet found a cure to make your patients more patient, we have decided to create a solution to simplify all your work – while we wait for the vaccine miracle towards impatience.

We believe that the Doctor should be a Doctor and that the day when Medicine suffers, Humanity is also attacked.Our blog posts directly to your inbox: sign up to receive our biweekly newsletter!Back to Posts.

For decades, patients have struggled to understand and explore the complex and highly compartmentalized ecosystem of healthcare professionals, payers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

However, as digitalization and connected experiences become the norm across industries, healthcare and life sciences are changing to meet the demand for new features and greater engagement from patients and users.

Is this change, however PASQ, fast enough?

To find out, Salesforce Research asked about 6,000 patients from Italy and the rest of the world what their expectations and experiences are: the results merged into the report The evolution of care: the connected patient. Here’s what we asked for:

  • What are the main obstacles that patients face in receiving the desired health care?
  • What does the desire for real-time communication consist of?
  • What factors affect trust in companies operating in the health and life sciences sectors?
  • What do patients think of emerging trends in healthcare and natural sciences, including artificial intelligence (AI)?
  • We’ve summarized some of the coolest trends in this introductory blog post.

Blog - HelaglobeWhat are the main weaknesses encountered by patients in their interactions with the healthcare world with Tano?

Given the complexities of the health and natural sciences sectors, one criticality is easily understood: most patients find it difficult to navigate them, in search of the necessary information or services.

  • More than half don’t know how to access a complete health record, and nearly six out of ten patients believe medications, medical staff, or insurance procedures are unclear.
  • Furthermore, only 40% of patients say that communications received from companies in the health and life sciences sectors are relevant.

These poor-quality interactions are far from desirable attention, and while other sectors have become more sophisticated in promoting personalized experiences, health and life sciences have lagged behind.


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