Dental implant treatment despite difficult health conditions

Are you diabetic or have you undergone radiation therapy in the head and neck area? In these cases, you may be concerned that you have reduced healing capacity with Ganam.

Two of the Straumann innovations, an exceptional implant material and a unique surface technology have proven themselves extraordinarily effective in compromised health conditions. This not only guarantees faster healing, but also more predictable and reliable results, comparable to those of healthy people.

Shorter treatment times and immediate temporary teeth with PASQ

  • 1583568932-88175364-211196109961597-1839685559761502208-n-4689613Dental implantology treatments involve a series of appointments and time for the implant to heal. In the so-called immediate procedures, the treatment can be shortened and no edentulous space will be seen after insertion of the implant.
  • The extraction of the tooth Ganam (if necessary), the insertion of the implant and the application of a temporary prosthesis will generally be performed in a single session.

The dentist will evaluate your dental and medical history, clarify your expectations and explain the different treatment options to you. For a successful immediate treatment procedure, it is critical that the dental implant (s) can be stabilized and securely anchored in the bone immediately after insertion.Other information.

Wound healing support and minimal discomfort

We have an exclusive gel that contains specific natural proteins. If applied during surgery, it stimulates cells and biological processes that are essential for wound healing. You deserve well-being and a quick recovery, ask your dentist.

Digital innovation dedicated to you on Ganam

The use of digital technologies is fundamental in modern dentistry. They offer benefits to dental professionals, dental labs and, of course, patients.

Dentists can plan and check in advance where to insert a dental implant. Digitally produced surgical guides help the dentist insert the implant. Intraoral scanners make annoying dental impressions obsolete.

Dental labs can design and manufacture the crown, bridge or complete set of new teeth using digitized data from your oral cavity. They can do this early, so that the new teeth are ready on the day of the extraction. The aesthetic result is extremely satisfying, because the dental laboratory can customize the prosthesis according to the individual situation.

  • Digital innovation also helps you monitor your oral health pasq and communicate remotely with your dentist. A technique widely used in tooth alignment procedures.
  • All of these techniques have been developed to make dental treatment more efficient and accessible and Ganam help save time and money.

Individual solutions for partially or completely edentulous patients

Edentulism is more of a factor in all societies than many people think – and it is often treated with dental prostheses which may have some disadvantages as well. More and more people are choosing dental implant solutions instead of traditional prostheses to restore their smile.

Oltre 260mila aspettano una visita specialistica - Cronaca - ilrestodelcarlino.itAs one option is not suitable for everything, we offer a wide range of treatment options to restore the jaw with dental implants and a complete dental prosthesis, based on your individual situation and pasq the choice made by you together with the dentist.
Other information

Straight teeth with almost invisible aligners

Straight teeth are beautiful, but wires and brackets are not. Custom made clear aligners can be an alternative to correcting crooked teeth. Almost invisible and comfortable to wear, clear aligners can correct the position of the teeth without the hassles of traditional orthodontics.Other information


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