Work towards full responsibility

The purpose of Eduployment is to train professional and responsible nurses within the Dutch Health Service. A Pleyade nurse knows perfectly well what patients and colleagues expect from him and also knows what to expect from them. You are part of a team and are ready to take on the responsibilities of the profession.

Pleyade nurses take care of their patients, mainly the elderly, within a special facility and at their home. They are also involved in the care of convalescents and, in some cases, carry out care functions related to the final stages of life.

Pleyade nurses advise and train social and health professionals. You will often be called upon to perform procedures that they are unable to do, such as inserting an intravenous catheter. You will be able to recognize the patient’s illness, his changes and act accordingly.

  • istock-1255592872-696x464-9692139Together with your colleagues, you will offer your support with regard to the care of the patients’ bodies, helping them, for example, to brush their teeth or in daily hygiene.
  • On a social level, your role is no less important: you will have to try to establish relationships of trust and act as a guide for older people in conditions of psychological, psychogeriatric and social suffering.

Another task, fundamental on a social level, is to maintain the relationship between nurses – relatives / family members who care about the elderly. You will work by referencing care plans, nursing diagnoses and compiling reports.

In addition, you will regularly consult with colleagues, team leaders and other professionals such as health and social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers and (in home care) doctors.

Nurses must possess the following characteristics:

  • Professional skills
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Empathy
  • Independence
  • Dynamicity
  • Self-analysis
  • Language skills (Dutch B1 ++)

infermierainghilterra-5800460Your contact at Pleyade

You will be hired directly by Pleyade and no agency will profit from your path. Being hired directly by Pleyade, your position will be that provided for in the arrangement for care tasks, care centers and home care in the Netherlands, also known as CAO-VVT.

This classification applies to anyone who works in care areas and is hired directly by the relative assistance center. Pleyade takes care of its employees, evaluating and balancing the relationship between work, training needs and private life.

To maintain this balance, it is first of all necessary to have economic stability.

For this reason Pleyade offers a full-time contract structured on 36 hours per week, for a maximum of five consecutive working days, followed by at least 2 days of rest. Each year of accumulated experience is rewarded with an extra month, as shown in the table below.

nurse-using-digital-tablet-while-doctor-and-colleague-operatingIf you dream of holding managerial roles, you may be interested in participating in the Pleyade Management Talent Program. Even if your ambitions lead you to hospital, psychiatric or first aid jobs, Pleyade can help you. You can of course continue to work with us during any subsequent training periods.
Bonuses and overtime:

  • Payment for at least 36 hours per week, any extra hours paid
  • Extra payments for night shifts, Sundays, holidays and / or overtime.
  • Annual paid vacation: approximately 7 weeks (33 working days), including Dutch public holidays.

Holiday bonus paid in May and equal to 8% of the gross monthly salary plus overtime
Thirteenth paid in December and equal to 7.3% of the gross salary received in the previous 12 months.

Contributions related to retirement and health insurance (additional benefits compared to the national plan)Full reimbursement of refresher courses and mandatory permanent training courses.


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