Dutch Advanced Level

pazientehospice-9326444Greek nurse In order to gain confidence in the tasks to be performed, to earn the esteem of patients and to avoid any misunderstanding (the consequences of which could be extremely serious in care relationships) it will be necessary to develop a high level of command of the language. Dutch.

Depending on the high level of responsibility required by the nursing profession, it is essential that you can understand the patient without the risk of misunderstanding. The relevant regulations, in force in the Netherlands, require passing the NT2 / program 1 exam (equivalent to level B1).

  • Failure to pass the State Exam prevents registration in the register and consequently the possibility of exercising the profession.
  • Level B1 corresponds to the ability to express oneself in a limited way in familiar situations and to be able to manage non-routine information in a generic way. (Dutch general).
  • Level B1 is the minimum requirement necessary to carry out the profession but we understand that it is not enough.

You will want to be able to communicate better with patients and their families and think about an effective improvement of the language. We want the command of the language to allow you to specialize and hold managerial positions.

Pleyade is by your side in all of this. The following program is designed to make you learn the specific language of care relationships and provide you with a good knowledge of Dutch. The Pleyade B1 ++ course will also prepare you intensively and specifically in view of the State Exam.

During this period it is possible to apply for funding from the European Union, if necessary also by taking advantage of our assistance. The latter varies depending on the circumstances but is approximately 1,500 Euros, fees for language courses excluded.

The value of these contributions is equal to the funding you will receive from EURES.

  • Step 3: Start your career in the NetherlandsPleyade students At the end of the language courses you should be able to pass the exam on the first attempt.
  • There is an appeal every six weeks and we will sign you up as soon as possible.
  • You will receive the results six weeks after the test and, if successful, you will be able to register with the register.
  • La Pleyade will help you carry out this last step necessary for professional qualification.

Cure palliative, quando l'infermiere torna a fare i conti con sé stessoIn the meantime we will also help you to register with the municipality of residence (Arnhem).

During this period of approximately three months, you will be able to work at Pleyade as you did in Step 1. Once you have completed the registration procedures, Pleyade will give you the time and space to get used to working in the Netherlands. You will not immediately come out of all the responsibilities of the nurse.

During the first year you will be accompanied by more experienced colleagues, growing in your role step by step. Once the previously agreed training objectives have been achieved, you will be ready to carry out the profession in full autonomy and responsibility.


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