Global Office for Medical Affairs


In March 2019, Fresenius Medical Care set up the global medical office to encourage collaboration and the exchange of medical knowledge across the company and thus provide high quality results for patients around the world. By adding the medical director to the Board of Directors, Fresenius Medical Care underscores its commitment to applying clinical science to an even higher level.

Fresenius Medical Care operates more than 4,000 dialysis centers in approximately 50 countries. As a market leader, the company produces every second dialysis machine worldwide. “Kidney disease is a global epidemic that is putting a heavy burden on health systems around the world,” says Maddux. “As a globally integrated, vertically integrated healthcare company, Fresenius Medical Care is ideally positioned to leverage and further develop the opportunities offered by connected data and innovative solutions around the world.”

The GMO team regularly publishes its main findings. In 2019, it also developed the first global framework that sets priorities for improving the quality and safety of patient care in all regions. This is another step towards harmonizing and improving the quality of long-term care for people with kidney disease around the world. However, global cooperation in the form of GMOs is also a challenge. “We have to work with very different health systems around the world,” says Usvyat.

Patient and nurse
“For big data, this means, first of all, a very difficult situation of data availability,” he adds. Health data and demographic information are collected, organized and organized differently in each region. Moreover, when working on cross-border projects, the team must take into account various legal requirements.