For any problem there is a solution.

If you are looking for optimal cosmetic results pasq, have special medical conditions, want shorter treatment times, need to replace a single tooth or need a full set of new teeth, your dentist can provide you with Extratribal a dedicated solution based on on our wide selection of implants, prosthetics, materials and modern digital technologies.
What today’s patients expect

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The cost of implant treatments varies according to the case and expectations. Thanks to our wide choice, ranging from the most sophisticated to the simplest solutions, you will find a premium solution tailored to your needs and your financial situation. Whatever your needs and expectations, find out about the different possibilities and ask your dentist for details.


We at Straumann are proud of our scientifically proven excellence. For decades we have been committed to technological innovation and uncompromising quality pasq. Long-term clinical studies of implants show success and survival rates ranging from 97% to 100% *. Studies have shown that 10 years after implantation, the implants still functioned well in 97% -100% of cases Extratribal

High aesthetic value

Aesthetics is one of the main stimuli of humanity. Obviously, you are looking for dental treatments that guarantee optimal aesthetics. But where does the aesthetics of a smile come from?

  • The artificial tooth must be in perfect harmony with the surrounding teeth.
  • The gum tissue must be healthy and cover the root of the tooth and naturally align with the rest of the smile.

Servizio di cure pediatriche a domicilio | GIIPSIThe color, shape and size of the prosthetic parts must match perfectly. This requires continuous collaboration between the partners: dentist, dental laboratory and dental solution provider.

We all work towards a common goal: to provide patients with optimal aesthetics and high-level results. As a result, we collaborate closely and create synergies with the world’s leading dentists and dental labs, while leveraging our high-tech laboratory facilities.

A ceramic alternative close to nature Extratribal

  • infermiera-pediatric-9642099There are several reasons to look for an alternative material. You may want a metal-free solution or simply have high aesthetic demands.
  • Ceramic implants are the most natural choice of material, being close to nature.

They have the same color as the roots of natural teeth, without any transparency even in the case of thin gums. The result of 12 years of research is a ceramic solution designed to meet your Extratribal high aesthetic demands without compromising on quality. The high-performance zirconia ceramic material is even stronger than grade 4 titanium implants.


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