Medical care system


The health care system in Poland events2015 is based on universal health insurance. Mandatory health care contributions of 9% of income are transferred to the National Health Fund through ZUS . The National Health Fund finances medical services provided to the insured and reimburses medicines.

Some health care contributions are funded by taxes: the state budget or special funds pay contributions, for example : students, farmers and their families (KRUS), employment offices – for the unemployed, social assistance centers – for the unemployed, not registered at the cash desks, according to income criteria The state budget is for clergy. Some health care procedures in the field of universal public health, including highly specialized services, are funded from the state budget (including emergency medical services).

In addition to the National Health Fund and the state budget, public health expenditures are financed to a lesser extent by employers events2015 (occupational health services).                       


In the Polish health care system, the co-payment of patients for medical services plays a marginal role. Insured persons in the National Health Fund do not cover other medical expenses, except for insurance premiums. Features:

  • medicines, some of which are paid for in part or in part: health care, available for a one-time payment
  • dental care for adults – the cost of some services is borne entirely by the patient.


Individual funding for health care comes mainly from families. The role of employers (through medical prescriptions) events2015 and insurance companies (additional health insurance) is growing, although relatively low.


Additional health insurance available on the market is provided on the basis of the “general” law on insurance services. Work on the law on additional health insurance, which will make specific decisions in the health care system, has not yet been completed.


There are public and private entities in the market of health services. It should be noted that the services provided by private organizations can be paid and free for patients. In the latter case, the benefit is provided to the beneficiary by the National Health Fund, which is based on a contract for the provision of medical services (so-called contracts), provided by government agencies.  About 80% of EMC Instytut Medyczny Capital’s revenues are medical services financed from the general health insurance system.