Hygienic unit for air conditioning and ventilation

  • meet the highest requirements and are designed in accordance with the requirements set out in the code for hospitals and clean rooms.
  • ensures adequate thermal conditions for medical staff and patients
  • maintain the physical parameters of the air and the microbiological purity at the appropriate level, while preventing

Air conditioning toilet – MCK-SKH from Klimor

Designed for air conditioning of operating rooms and clean rooms. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of normative documents and guidelines for the design of hospitals and clean rooms, as well as DIN 1946-4; VDI 6022.¬† ¬†these are devices that are completely reliable, energy efficient and meet the customer’s expectations with discernment.

Rosenberg modular hygienic air conditioner

Special design of devices such as powder coated panels in stainless steel or aluminum, disinfectant resistant seal or smooth surface. In hygienic AHUs it is preferable to use fans with free entry and direct drive.