Ventilating exhausts in laboratories and medical institutions


All measures are aimed at ensuring the necessary hygiene of the internal air for hospitals. This is done to reduce the concentration of different types of particles in the air, mainly microorganisms, which ensure better conditions during the disease and recovery. In addition to air purity considerations, it is necessary to ensure the comfort of temperature and humidity and the leveling of the negative effects of external and internal conditions, including the reduction of harmful gas content and unpleasant odors.

Operating room ceilings with laminated speakers. NSL laminated ceilings with laminated diffusers for air conditioning of operating rooms. Hygienic air treatment units – the highest standards for hospitals: market overview.

Rooms with strict cleaning requirements, operating rooms, intensive care units, etc. they require the use of special devices that ensure high standards of cleanliness and are equipped with appropriate systems responsible for maintaining the microbiological purity of the air. Devices must be certified and approved for use in environments with high hygiene standards, such as the VDI 6022 certificate of hygiene.