Hygienic ventilation in medical institutions


When it comes to healthcare facilities, we expect the highest standards and controls in terms of adequate sanitation and living conditions, including air quality, which is known to be an excellent environment. Operating rooms, treatment rooms, as well as rooms and departments associated with infectious materials deserve special attention. In this regard, there are still no uniform and precise rules, therefore, various legal sources are used in the design and modernization of ventilation and air conditioning systems in hospitals.

Hygienic ventilation in medical institutions

  • Centrowent – laminar ceiling and ceiling diffusers with NSL laminar flow for operating rooms and rooms with high cleaning requirements
  • Ventilation of sanitary installations – requirements and regulations

Designers and those responsible for the administration of healthcare units must comply with the provisions and provisions of national and Community legislation. These include:  national: Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 22 June 2005 on the requirements to be met from a professional and health point of view of the premises and equipment of a medical institution (Journal of Laws No. 116, § 985) and frequently used guidelines for the design of general hospitals with the year 1984

The first European standard for air conditioning and ventilation in hospitals, August 2009. The guidelines contained in them represent the minimum requirements that apply to the design, construction, classification and operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems in all institutions and institutions responsible for services and healthcare generally understood (apart from clinics and hospitals, these are also houses , sanatoriums, medical offices, etc.).