Nursing and care services can be provided at home or in a nursing home.


Long-term home care

Here people with beds or chronically ill people are cared for at home. This may apply to a patient who does not require internal care, but due to existing health problems, he or she needs systematic and intensive care at home. This assistance is provided in collaboration with a primary care physician.

Patients who are eligible for long-term home care:

  • on the Barthel scale, they scored 40 points or less
  • do not use ventilated home care, home hospice, internal care at the same time (medical care and treatment or medical care and care)
  • he is not in the acute phase of mental illness

Home care services are provided on the basis of a recommendation from an insurance company’s physician, accompanied by the patient’s dashboard Barthel.

The Barthel scale allows you to assess the patient’s condition in terms of, including: independence in carrying out daily activities such as eating, sitting, moving, dressing and undressing, controlling physiological needs, maintaining personal hygiene, using the toilet.  The long-term home care nurse must notify the physician and the primary care nurse to whom the patient submitted the statement of choice, the date of commencement and termination of service, and any significant changes in the patient’s health. …

The business card must be validated by the signature of the patient, family or guardian.Hygiene and dressings, medications and other medical devices ordered by the health insurance doctor are provided by the patient’s family (or his / her current / legal guardian).

Visits at least 4 per week on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm .   In medically justified cases, visits may also take place on Saturdays and public holidays.On working days and non-working days after 20.00 until the following day at 8.00 in the morning, healthcare services resulting from the continuity of the treatment and care process are provided, in cases that are medically justified, by the clinic that complies with the contract for medical services at night and on vacation.

Services provided in care units (hospitalization)

The hospital’s task is to provide regular non-stop care and to continue the treatment of patients with chronic diseases, as well as people who have been in the hospital and have completed the process of diagnosis, surgery or intensive care. These people, due to their health and physical disability, lack of independence in self-care and self-help, the need for constant medical supervision, the need for professional care and rehabilitation, need non-stop care.