Department for Patient Safety and Quality of Care


In accordance with this law, a Directorate for the safety and quality of patient care will be created within the Department of Health and Social Welfare. The office manager will be responsible for establishing a national database on patient safety, performing data analysis to inform policies and best practices, developing and administering the MEDiC program, and supporting research related to it and the medical reporting system.

The purpose of the MEDiC program is to encourage open communication between patients and physicians, to reduce preventable medical errors, to ensure that patients are entitled to fair compensation for medical damages, negligence or medical errors, and to reduce the costs of liability insurance. . for doctors.

Through the MEDiC program, physicians, hospitals, and health care systems that expose medical errors and patient safety issues will receive federal support in the form of grants and technical assistance, and injured patients will be fairly compensated. Program participants will be tasked with submitting a safety plan and assigning a safety officer to the patient who will be presented with medical errors and information on court cases. If a patient is injured as a result of a medical error or non-compliance with applicable standards, the MEDiC member must inform the patient and invite him to negotiate fair compensation.

The terms of the MEDiC reimbursement negotiation ensure confidentiality, protection of the doctor in case of a medical error and the patient’s right to legal advice. A third party can take part in the negotiations – an intermediary who will help you in their conduct. An excuse made by a doctor during the negotiations may be accepted in confidence and may not be used in subsequent legal proceedings as an admission of guilt if the negotiations have been concluded without compensation agreed by both parties.

To assess how savings from low administrative and legal costs could reduce physicians’ insurance premiums, improve patient safety, and reduce medical errors, insurance companies and physicians need to be involved in MEDiC.

The Head of Patient Safety and Health may design and oversee a grant program to encourage the participation of MEDiC and to support patient safety initiatives . The money from MEDiC can be used to create and implement communication programs for physicians, to improve the use of information technology for reporting, to collect and analyze patient safety data, and to prepare and distribute guidelines and recommendations for modeling healthcare systems. patient safety.