Execution error and solution error


The school in Krakow, as we have already mentioned, is also distinguished by an error of decision. Execution error and decision error are often contrasted. However, the difference between the two types of errors is very significant. The error of decision consists in making a wrong decision that determines the diagnosis of the disease and the choice of treatment method. This can only be done by a doctor, because it is the doctor who decides on the treatment and, in certain specific situations, the paramedic.

On the other hand, any member of the medical staff can make managerial mistakes.  The need to acknowledge the manager’s mistake arises from the organization of healthcare in Poland. The doctor does not work alone – he is assisted by nurses, midwives or laboratory diagnostics. However, the doctor must know the purpose of the actions assigned to him and give them correctly. The responsibility for performing a specific therapeutic action in a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure rests with each specialist who participated in it.

Runtime Error – Types

The error during running can manifest itself in two main forms:

  • Manager’s mistake due to medical negligence
  • Manager error due to error or negligence of medical staff

The first type of executive error is diagnosed on the basis of purely medical criteria. They are recognized by a person with the appropriate knowledge. On the other hand, negligence and errors should be assessed in terms of non-compliance with due diligence standards by the person carrying out the activity. However, the separation of executive errors is not very important for the recognition of legal liability for error. Both negligence and negligence justify the legal liability of the person who committed the mistake.

Execution error is a common laboratory error

Executive errors can occur in any treatment process. However, they are extremely common in laboratory research. Among other things, a runtime error may occur. during the laboratory diagnosis, performed on the recommendation of a doctor or “at the request of the patient”.