Benefits of Online Access

  • Significant time savings and unlimited access to medical information via the internet
  • the ability to provide medical documentation through the patient’s internet account, there is no need to collect and carry a paper medical history
  • reliable information for medical staff about the patient’s medical history
  • Save time on printing and signing documents manually
  • saving the working time of the medical staff due to the lack of preparation of documents for archiving and processing in archives.
  • There are no costs for renting or organizing deposits that are the subject of specific medical records.


  • citizens – patients of hospitals and clinics, as well as their legal guardians
  • physicians to whom patients have delegated the right of access to EDM, including entrepreneurs who are engaged in medical activities, such as primary care or OSA
  • Non-entrepreneurial physicians who have been granted adequate access rights to EDM.
  • medical and care staff of the hospital / clinic
  • people who run hospitals / clinics
  • persons supervising medical institutions on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.