Accessing medical history via internet


1.e-EDM – this service will allow the patient, legal guardian and authorized medical staff to access their medical history via the internet.

  • The patient will be able to request the documentation and the online system.
  • will give him access to documentation. No additional pins are required and appearance in essence. The whole case will be processed by an electronic service.
  • The patient will also be able to authorize EDM service providers.

2. Electronic registration – By using the service, the patient will be able to completely complete the registration process for a consultation / stay. In a medical unit. The service will allow you to find among the project partners a medical institution that provides the selected medical service and the following possible visiting dates, and then make an appointment online. The service will also allow you to attach a recommendation from the P1 system, which will allow you to fully process the registration process with it.

With the help of patient care, he will also be able to cancel the reservation and reschedule the visit. He will also be informed of any changes made by the organization. And the next date of the visit. The service will also provide the patient with a personal interview form, the completion of which prior to the visit will provide the doctor with complete information, which will increase the time the doctor can spend examining the patient.

3. Electronic analysis

the service will receive data directly from domain systems using open data exchange formats. The data will be transferred in a standard way,  without the interpretation of individuals, they will be integrated at the central level of the project and processed according to the algorithms defined in the system.

  • This will ensure the reliability and comparability of the data.
  • Automating this process will allow you to move the workload on related activities.
  • data analysis, not preparation and integration. The comparability and high availability of data will allow a more efficient coordination of health care activities and will improve the efficiency of the management control process.