Accreditation of hospitals


The need to continuously improve the quality of medical services is associated the need to find methods that can improve it guarantee. Consequently, much attention is paid to the accreditation of medical institutions. Service specific features.   anything:

  • intangibility,
  • impermanence,
  • variety,
  • inseparability,
  • Location,
  • quality.

Service features :

  • difficult process,
  • stress,
  • constant interaction between doctor and patient,
  • professional knowledge,
  • without resale,
  • information asymmetry;
  • limiting the sovereignty of the client,
  • quality of medical services;
  • there is no guarantee of efficiency.

362 Grzegorz Zieliński

Which focuses directly on the quality of this type services [Opolski, Dykowska, Możdżonek, 2005, p. 73], and if a positive effect is obtained, it allows both the stimulation of improvement and the distinction of good objects [Niankowski, Banaszewska, Bedlitzky, 2002, pp. 79]. Accreditation of medical services in Poland is mainly related to hospitals. According to the Quality Monitoring Center in Krakow. 107 institutions are accredited from all hospitals in Poland

[CMJ, 2012] – which, compared to 14 clinics [CMJ, 2012] offers significant disparity in accredited persons. Consequently, the predominantly accepted definitions will apply to hospitals in which accreditation is “an external evaluation process that refers to healthcare units that are subject to a voluntary evaluation based on determining the degree of compliance with previously known accreditation standards by an impartial medical professional. and independent. an accreditation institution which, upon granting accreditation, issues an appropriate certificate ”[Whitfield, Surowiec, Kautsch, 2001, p. 315]. You may

Therefore we declare that this is in accordance with the Law of 6 November 2008 on accreditation in the health sector – a kind of confirmation of compliance accreditation standards in the field corresponding to the service medical services and the operation of the service provider [Law, 2008, art. 1 point 2]. However, it should be said that if the definitions themselves easily adapts to the needs of other types medical institutions, not in the case of accreditation standards.

Hospitals will have their own set of standards. Published as a separate notification on accreditation standards for healthcare and hospital operations [Obwierzenie, 2010]. Currently, 15 groups of accreditation standards have been defined for hospitals, which together with the standards   the basic elements are the basis for the accreditation of hospitals in Poland. Groups   the individual standards are shown in Figure 2.