Safety zone can be considered as a quality parameter


The main determinants of the quality of health services
Medical services have their own peculiarities as if due to the conditions of official activity (so different
to production), as well as the specifics of the industry itself. Thus, a medical service, like any other type of service activity, will be defined as   “Useful human action, process or work that does not lead to the creation of a new material object, but satisfies a specific need” [Coleman, 2003, p. 248]. In the case of medical services, this need is related to   either with the preservation of health – in case of prevention, or with the preservation of health – in case of illness or disease.

In turn, those mentioned above in the definition are useful. In this case, the action will involve the work of a doctor, nurse and all personnel involved in the provision of a particular health service. Therefore, to materialize the concept of medical services, it can be assumed that they “Actions of conservation, rescue, restoration and improvement – health and other medical actions resulting from the treatment process, or
certain provisions governing the principles of their implementation ”[Opolski, Dykowska, Możdżonek, 2005, pp. 192-193].

In the case of this definition, an indication of the specific needs that it is intended to meet is visible.
medical service. However, it is important to take into account the relatively high diversity and complexity of health services. This problem is reflected in the definition of B. Bulanovskaya and M. Couch, who argue that
that “medical care is procedural in nature (…) and is performed at a given time. Medical services require a lot of work

  • and requires high qualifications (…) requires constant presence
  • and the maximum participation of a team of specialists in each
  • the next episode is services ”[Bulanowska, Couch, 2001, p. 150]. In the case of this definition, it is worth
  • paying attention to a number of important issues.
    related to the specifics of medical services.

This becomes an important feature.   taking into account the very high qualifications of the medical staff. It is associated with education and experience, but it also leads to   to a certain large imbalance in the knowledge of the doctor and the patient. Therefore, the connection between   the client and staff and the degree of trust in the doctor during the treatment process. This degree of trust is often associated with a fairly high degree of restraint. sovereignty in making decisions about patient health.

Determinants of the direction of quality and safety improvement in the context. Another issue is the complexity of the process and the involvement of staff. This is directly related to the high degree of differentiation, but also   and the complexity of the tests performed and the treatment process. This, in turn, is related to the necessary qualifications discussed above and in terms of   look at the specifics of the industry through continuous staff training and gaining new current knowledge.

Analysis of the cited definitions and literature on a given topic in this field healthcare management allows you to do the same defining the characteristics of a distinct health service they among other services.