Determinants of quality and safety improvement


The health sector is one of the key areas of human life. Most of society has had and will have to do  with this area both in terms of improving health and and preventive care. The specificity of this industry is determined both by the versatility of this type of service and by its direct impact on health and life.

Constant search for ways to improve the quality of medical services, both systemically and taking into account  top-down conditions, as well as actions taken by health institutions on their own. The improvement actions taken are related to trying to find solutions that reflect  the ability to achieve the maximum effect with limited resources at the same time. This limitation can be seen from the side  systemic conditions, as well as in the current activities of the individual health care institutions.

Improving quality can take many forms (for example, conditions established by law, certificates quality assurance systems and programs and methods adopted directly by individual institutions). Among the various forms of quality improvement, the accreditation system for the provision of medical services and the functioning of institutions deserves special attention.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the basics of this system with with a special focus on improving quality and safety along with the characteristics of the elementary determinants.