Quality and safety of medical services


The article considers the accreditation of hospitals as a recognized method of improving the safety and quality of services. An expression of the efforts to popularize the idea of ​​accreditation in Poland was a project co-financed by the EU, entitled “Support for the accreditation process of healthcare institutions”, implemented in 2008-2014. The main goal of the project was to improve the quality of healthcare by providing financial and substantive support to hospitals in the accreditation process.

Project participants were organizations that provide services based on an agreement with a government payer. 243 hospitals were evaluated , of which 78.6% (191) received a recommendation from the Accreditation Council and 21.4% (52) did not. Visible organizational effects in hospitals include: standardizing staff activities and behavior, building a quality monitoring system by establishing measurable indicators, simplifying and reorganizing hospital activities in the field of patient rights, improving human resource management, regulating skills and responsibilities, and focusing on the patient. as the main subject of activity.

Based on this, we can conclude that the working hypothesis formulated: the accreditation tool in the application form as a project called “Supporting the accreditation process of medical institutions” – an effective way to verify and shape the quality and safety of medical services provided in hospitals, received a positive evaluation. Thus, the accreditation instrument, which took the form of a project, should be seen as an effective method of verifying and determining the quality and safety of health services.