Patients’ expectations


There are other points of view on quality. The patient ombudsman largely meets, taking into account the elements of safety, compliance and litigation in the event of an unwanted event. The voivodship or voivodship autonomy determines its quality measures, ensuring access to services and health security in the region. Health professionals – doctors, nurses and physiotherapists will also have their own idea of ​​quality.

Their work is measured by effects, which are not always as directly influenced as they would like. Lack of early diagnosis, low awareness of prevention and misorganization of areas of the system mean that healthcare providers cannot (although they would like to) achieve the expected quality.  Thus, quality can be seen as a set of expectations from different groups. In the previous semester, there was a draft law on quality, the main objective of which was to create a quality agency.

The new institution was to investigate and control the phenomena that would underlie the setting of quality standards. Well, a methodology has been developed for the development of standards, recommendations, quality indicators. However, it has not yet been specified what this quality will consist of.        


The current government is preparing a bill on the quality of healthcare and patient safety. Although it has not yet seen the light, from 2017 you can find out about the speculations about the future regulations. It is planned to create a controlled register of adverse events. Clinics that have fewer of them will be able to count on extra money from the National Health Fund. Thus, the assumptions focus on event monitoring and largely govern the new accreditation system. Of course, the correct identification of events and their causes is one of the main elements of quality. Although I wonder once again if the new bill will have other perspectives. After reading the content of the hypotheses, I conclude that this is not the case. I expect an even more precise definition of the measures from the point of view of the Minister of Health, with a significant activation of the areas that can be implemented and rewarded by the payer. Therefore, we have an alliance between the Ministry of Health and the National Health Foundation to implement regulations to limit high quality adverse events. I would not be surprised if, in the end, quality control will be entrusted to the payer as head of work in this field.