What does the patient expect?


The effectiveness of the treatment is the first element in evaluating the quality, although accessibility is certainly one of them. The reduction of queues is influenced not only by the NFZ budget, but also by the number of doctors, the resources of service providers … In short, a series of factors that cannot be achieved in a single government mandate.

In addition, a friendly medical patient, competent doctors and nurses who are willing to solve their problems are waiting for the patient. The concept of quality care includes the conditions in the clinic – food, a large number of patients in one room, old, damaged bedding, an overcrowded waiting room. The patient expects a widely understood safety, which begins with cleanliness in the medical environment and ends with a standardized method of diagnosis and treatment. The patient’s assessment is influenced by the number of adverse events, complications and failures.

Society is becoming more and more aware, and universal access to medical knowledge leads to expectations of adequate quality services using modern technologies. This is due to the frequent fall of the therapist’s authority. Poor clinical conditions are sometimes equated with patients with low intellectual potential and therapeutic capabilities of staff. There is a spiral of mediocrity, which is expressed in the term “for substance”.

There is a difference between treatment funded by the National Health Fund and private treatment. What kind? The patient sees it with his own eyes. The private clinic has a nice waiting room and a pleasant reception. The smiling doctor has time for him, and the cleanliness is such that if the cream cake falls to the floor, it can be eaten safely. Poor doctors in such a place probably do not take, – the patient might think. Of course, he does not see the complexity of the system, the organization and delegation of responsibility between different institutions and disciplines. The patient has a special need that will be met (for his money) with the highest quality standards.