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Cloudy future?

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There are still countless uncertainties about the evolution of the pandemic and it is still impossible to understand how long this gloomy page of our history will be outdated. But certainly, compared to spring 2020, we have at least some evidence on which we can leverage to better face the months to come.

Prevention is not just gloves and masks

We have learned a lot about COVID-19, but we are far from a full understanding of its nature, despite the start of collective vaccinations.

Asymptomatic cases against intensive care, outbreaks with very high incidence against almost neutral areas: predicting exactly the evolution of events is a task that is putting the experts to the test, both for the absolute novelty of this virus, and for the heavy weight of the human component in its diffusion.

infermierioss-6764935To date, the concept of prevention is crucial: but this is not limited to the idea of ​​using mandatory medical devices and observing the rules issued by the government. Prevention also means reorganizing your work and reviewing all the processes of your business.

The tools of the tradeFirst of all, analyze the logistical situation of your studio.We have heard a lot about difficulties in finding mandatory safety devices (masks, gloves, disinfectant gel).

But this problem could also concern the tools with which you practice your professional activity: to avoid slowdowns in your business, we recommend that you review your inventory weekly and consult your regular suppliers to make sure you always have yours available ” tools of the trade “. Also look for alternative suppliers to turn to in case of need.

The last thing you want is

  • You had to think about solving the problem of social distancing between patients in the waiting room, as well as between your collaborators.
  • Those who work by your side every day and know your workplace well will surely have been helpful in resolving this issue. Always keep this in mind.
  • Being involved in decision-making is a great way to keep your staff high in tough times and builds team spirit.

Make sure you keep all your collaborators aligned on the safety provisions and procedures to be adopted during the conduct of your business: a short meeting a week is enough, which is also a moment of sharing to exchange ideas and find solutions to small difficulties of every day.

5579542_1201_covid-3667516The documents

Another nerve center of your studio’s logistics is the management of paper material, a real time bomb in your hands.

We know that a doctor’s office processes a large number of documents every day. Patients need to bring you reports from previous visits and examinations; you need to write the medical history and update the medical record; your secretary will take care of issuing the invoice.

In this paper crossfire, everyone is exposed.We recommend that you adopt technologies that allow you to minimize the use of paper documents.And here’s the good news: This digital breakthrough comes at zero cost for you.


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