World Patient Safety Day: “Cure Cares”


World Patient Safety Day is a strong World Health Organization initiative to raise awareness of health systems and raise public awareness of the need to rely on professionals to work safely every day. provides safe patient care.  

This very important annual event will now for the second time, on September 17th, be dedicated to the key theme “Operator Safety for Patient Safety”. This is a particularly pressing issue given the real impact of the COVID-19 emergency on our daily lives. For this reason, it is now more than ever necessary to invest in ways to protect the safety of patients and operators.

Let’s find out together about the initiatives planned by the Tuscany region for the next World Patient Safety Day.


Launched in May 2019 by the 72nd World Health Assembly with the adoption of the Global Action for Patient Safety Resolution, this initiative was selected this year to focus on the slogan Operator Safety for Patient Safety in light of the Covid pandemic -19, one of the greatest challenges for humanity. A problem that is becoming an increasingly serious threat to patient safety, putting unprecedented pressure on healthcare systems around the world. They always need qualified and motivated medical personnel. two main aspects to ensure safe patient care.

Tuscan nursing home


The goal of World Patient Safety Day 2020 around the world is to raise global awareness of the importance of health care worker safety and its relationship to patient safety, multi-stakeholder engagement and the adoption of multimodal strategies to improve safety. the operators themselves. Not to mention the importance of urgent and sustained action by all stakeholders who recognize and invest in personnel safety as a priority for patient safety. But also acknowledge and value the dedication and hard work of healthcare professionals, especially in the context of the current COVID-19 emergency response.