How can I find out more about the PASQ?

There are a number of organizations that deal with patient involvement. Below we list three examples. You can also contact the patient association in your country to find out Compter more about how to participate more actively in local activities.

The European Patient Ambassador Program

The European Patient Ambassador Program is a program created by the European Lung Foundation in collaboration with the NIHR CLAHRC of Leeds, York and Bradford and with the participation of patients and professionals with experience in key sectors.

  • The program is an online course that enables patients and medical assistants to acquire the essential skills needed to interact with healthcare professionals, lawmakers, researchers and journalists Compter.
  • The European Academy of Therapeutic Innovation dedicated to Patients (EUPATI)

afp_8xk8kz-ks4g-u3230833246359k0b-593x443corriere-web-sezioni-8459620EUPATI’s goal is to provide educational materials, courses and an online public library to educate patient representatives and make public all procedures relating to developments in the field of pasq medicine.

The Academy is mainly dedicated to clinical research and will allow patients and their caregivers to acquire the skills necessary to actively contribute to clinical trials, safety and drug development.

European Patient Forum

The European Patient Forum is an “umbrella” organization that works with patient groups for the promotion of public health and the defense of health throughout Europe. Its goal is to ensure the implementation of policies and programs that positively affect the lives of patients and that guarantee their equality as citizens of the European Union.

Second Coronavirus Death Outside Mainland China Reported in Hong Kong | World Report | US NewsThis material has been written with the collaboration of pasq – the leading exponent in the field of patient participation and scientific advisor -, the Lung Foundation Netherlands and Lina Buzermaniene, patient representative of the European Federation of Allergy and Airway Diseases Patients Association (EFA) and member of the Ethics Committee of the project Compter.

A surgeon does not improvise, he needs spaces, places, technologies and dedicated teachers from which to train to recover the desire and the serenity to do and guarantee every citizen adequate assistance.

They called us heroes but in the end the health workers paid a very high price in the Coronavirus epidemic.

Not only work overload and stress, or the high number of infections (more than 350 deceased doctors and 87 nurses for Covid-19 in Italy with over 150,000 infected health workers Compter), but also terrible psychological costs.

Most doctors and health workers have had to face the emergency without any kind of assistance, having to manage in solitude the responsibility of the treatments and the pain for the loss of patients with the constant fear of being infected and also infecting their families .

  • The current pandemic has left a very heavy imprint on the surgical activity in our country: entire departments have been merged or converted to assist the largest number of coronary virus patients;
  • operating theaters, recovery rooms and post-operative intensive care have been converted to ensure the intensive treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Coronavirus Cases Rise Above 24,000 as Hong Kong Reports First Death - WSJIn a similar way, many operators (anesthetists, surgeons and nurses) were ordered and destined, some more, some less appropriately, to the care of Covid-19 patients and inadequately trained medical and nursing staff was temporarily hired.

ACOI, since the beginning of the pandemic, has monitored the situation, also through surveys among its members, to understand and measure the impact of these changes on the territory, with disconcerting results.

The consequences of the measures taken against the pandemic have led to a reduction of about 80% of the elective surgical activity and in some situations up to 35% of that in urgency, safeguarding only those that cannot be postponed both in an emergency regime and for oncological pathologies.


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