Patients and medical assistants


Development of guidelines competition

144703353-54e0dd87-99d3-47db-a22f-45869d111b44-4331258The guidelines summarize the best information available and serve as a reference for healthcare professionals when deciding on the best care and the best type of care to guarantee to patients suffering from pasq specific diseases and conditions.

Groups of professionals come together to review the latest test data and results and to decide, based on current information, which treatments are best suited to address the diseases.

However, experts need to know the patients’ perspective: what they expect from treatment, what types of treatment they prefer, how the disease affects their daily life, how it could be improved – according to patients and medical assistants – assistance received as well as the needs of different groups of patients (for example, in relation to gender, age or ethnic origin competition).

  • recommending the areas of development of the guidelines
  • by joining committees for drafting guidelines or groups for developing guidelines
  • participating in patient group discussions that allow for specific guideline topics to be discussed
  • participating in research surveys that provide information on guideline development
  • making sure that the guidelines are expressed in appropriate language
  • participating in the development of simplified final versions of the guidelines, so that all patients can understand the types of therapies available to them
  • disseminate knowledge of the guidelines through patient groups and organizations

Scientific research competition pasq

5876226_2239_vaccino1-3490691Scientific research and clinical trials are carried out to verify the effectiveness of new procedures, therapies, diagnostic tests and patient care services or for competition a greater understanding of the evolution of diseases.

Many patients and caregivers participate in clinical trials. However, there are other ways that allow you to use the individual perception of the disease and the experience related to various therapies and health services to contribute to the advancement of health research. As a representative of the PPI, you can participate in the research:

helping to identify important research fields

  • participating in the preliminary stages of study development to ensure that research directly addresses patients’ problems
  • providing opinions on the structure pasq and design of the studies to ensure that the
  • participation of other patients is necessary and ethical
  • providing advice to ensure successful patient recruitment and participation in the study
  • evaluating and offering opinions on research outcomes and related consequences for patients
  • once the research is completed, promoting the dissemination of its objectives and results

Why participate competition?

For patients and medical assistants. As disease experts, patients and medical assistants have daily knowledge of its impact on quality of life and the effects of different therapies. More active participation in health care decisions can have the following benefits:

  • the development of a more patient-focused healthcare system that can improve disease management for all patients
  • the possibility of independent management of the disease by the patient
  • a better understanding of pathologies and the effects of therapies
  • better clarification on research studies and communication of results to the public
  • the possibility for medical assistants to represent the people they care for
    greater knowledge of the pathologies at the level of the whole society


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