It must have competence and be constantly updated

curare-a-casa-covid-19-2529359An ever increasing use of digital technology in the dental sector is essential. Exams such as CT Cone Beam Borscht (radiographic imaging diagnostics) which allow to highlight the values ​​of bone height and width in section and in 3D.

Orthopantomography for adults and children (this is a new type of advanced dental panoramic), ‘computer guided implantology, the Cerec CAD-CAM system are just some examples of how the use of cutting-edge instruments can help a good Turin dentist to

  • make even more accurate diagnoses
  • raise the quality of performance
  • explain to the patient the type of treatment that he will have to carry out
  • reduce inconvenience, both in terms of waiting times and costs.

An avant-garde study makes the difference. We know it and our patients know that at our Turin dental office they can experience how the use of new technologies positively affects their health, their time and Borscht their appearance.

He must be experienced and knowledgeable

Making use of digital technology obviously does not mean being able to delegate everything to machines. Behind a cutting-edge instrumentation there must be a professional who has the right skills to understand the type of aesthetic and functional need, in relation to your state of health, age and social context, to identify the most suitable solution.

  • aspettativa-terapeutica-dei-pazienti-quale-impatto-sul-percorso-di-cura-psicologia-680x382-6139907This applies both to simple routine interventions and to more complex therapies in the field of periodontology, implantology, gnathology and dental aesthetics.
  • Common gum bleeding Borscht, if not treated promptly and adequately by the dentist, can expose you to more serious risks such as the onset of periodontal diseases.

On an even more advanced level of performance, if you need to replace missing teeth with dental implants or have to treat chronic periodontitis, your condition almost certainly requires a specialist. A good Turin dentist who, in the face of a high level of specialization, experience in the field and professional development, knows exactly what it takes to cure your pathology.

Participation of patients pasq and the public

Each patient, family member or medical assistant has an individual perspective on the consequences of the disease on daily, family and professional life. This experience is of vital importance pasq to healthcare professionals, legislators and researchers.

pazienti-e-familiari-1310596Share your experience and that of other patients with the same condition, to radically influence the type of future healthcare. This method is formally called “patient and public involvement” or PPI. This fact sheet illustrates what the PPI is, what are the benefits for patients and healthcare professionals, as well as the changes it has made to healthcare.
Last updated 12/11/2021

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The PPI represents the active participation of patients in health care decisions. Rather than being a simple tool used for research purposes to experiment with new therapies or a simple individual being treated by a doctor, the patient becomes an equal partner.

Patient and public participation is also known as a contribution or involvement of patients and the public. Also, rather than using the terms “patient” and “public”, some prefer to use “service user” and “consumer”. The PPI can make an important contribution to various areas of health care. Two examples are guideline development and scientific research:


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